Sukoon is an app that aims to be the Arab world’s largest high quality consciousness library, which includes hundreds of meditations, sound healing, breath-work & hypnosis recordings. Sukoon's vision is to be a platform where hundreds of amazing teachers from around the Arab world gather: teachers dedicated to elevating consciousness, committed to Truth through the creation authentic content Sukoon aims to be an affordable tool, with a mission to empower people, to awaken them to their Truth, and cause a shift in their dominant emotions from shame, guilt and fear to courage and Love.


We are a passionate Team of three
Nora Al-nobani is a hypnotherapist and an energy healer with over 6 years of experience in dealing with altered state of consciousness, She had a near death experience in 2011 that changed her life.
Farah Karrain is a passionate conscious entrepreneur with a strong passion for combining science and spirituality to raise the level of consciousness of humanity, He started his journey in 2012.
Phil Geelhoed a tech guru and a meditation enthusiast, working on multiple international project as a freelancer and on a mission to bring technology and nature closer together.